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FMLA 2013 Update


2014 State and Federal Labor Law Posters only $17.99  - To be in complete compliance with the US Department of Labor and your local State DOL. Your company must display all mandatory Federal & State Labor Law Postings. We guarantee your business to be fully compliant for your mandatory Federal & State Compliance Posters for 2014.

All Employers  with 3 or more employees on their payroll.  You are required by the ( US Department of Labor ) to display the mandatory State & Federal  Labor Law Postings. State employment laws change yearly for most States.

*** Our Daily (States) Labor Law Research  - assures you our posters are always the "Most Current and Up To Date Available" at your time of purchase. Our Website and Posters are updated daily when a law change occurs.

       2014 Federal & State Compliance ( 2 Poster Set )      Federal labor law posters ( all on one poster ) State labor law posters ( all on one poster ) sets are only.   

 Laminated Set only $17.99  or  Paper Set only $14.99  


 Federal Poster ( 18 x 24 )          State Poster ( 18 x 24 )

2014 - Federal Labor Law Poster      2014 - Labor Law Posters

Free Labor Law Poster Update Service: Once you have purchased a laminated or non-laminated Federal & State Labor Law Poster Set. Your company will be entitled to this service at no extra cost. Valid for 1 year from date of purchase. You must maintain an active email address with us. *** We notify you of any changes  that occur with our "Free "Notification Service" via Email that need to be replaced. (Not Free Posters).  This will eliminate your Human Resource Department of having to research your states Labor Laws on a monthly basis.

Our Website is Updated Daily  - you can easily visit our site to view any new updates. Just add our website to your favorites or desktop.

Custom Free Art Work - We will add your company name or logo on the State Poster for Free. Must be 100 Poster Sets or more ( Laminated Only ) - ( for the same state ) for this service. You must "Call Us"  to place this Custom Order.

Custom Work - Do you need your Company information added within the posters there is a $150.00 fee (per state). Must be a minimum order of 75 sets - ( per state ).        You must "Call Us"  to place this Custom Order.

*** Our Posters are Copyright Protected they may not be copied or reproduced. We will pursue legal action immediately.


 We Specialize in Large Order / Corporate Discounts :  Since our posters are already discounted from the start at our low prices, we will discount even further. We supply numerous Major Corporations across America. If your company requires a volume purchase of  15 - 2014 ( Federal & State Poster Sets ) or more. We will offer you a  % Discount  &   Free Fast Shipping to one location.  Please provide a detailed description of your poster needs. Same Day Shipping - You will receive your Order in 2- 3 Business Days.  Click here to request a >>> Quote 

- CaliforniaMinimum Wage ( 7 / 01 / 14 ) - Shipping Today.

- Michigan - Minimum Wage - 9 / 01 /  2014 - Shipping Today.

- Minnesota - Minimum Wage - 8 / 2014 - Shipping Today.

       The States (below) have Increased their Minimum Wage for 2014


        * We offer the "Lowest and Most Cost Effective Prices Nationwide"


Scroll Down This Page - Click on your State (Map below) to view your States

 required labor law posters and also to place your order from your states page.

   ( 2014 Updates )  37 States for 2014 updated their Labor Law Posters.




  - 4/30/14 - WASHINGTON U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez released the following statement after the Senate's vote on the Harkin-Reid-Merkley legislation that would have raised the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.      U.S. Senators Blocked a Federal Minimum Wage Increase.

2 / 05 / 2013 -  Final Rule Implemented to Statutory Amendments to the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act Poster.  The U.S. Department of Labor today marks the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) by issuing a final rule implementing two important expansions of FMLA protections. The first expansion provides families of eligible veterans with the same job-protected FMLA leave currently available to families of military service members and it also enables more military families to take leave for activities that arise when a service member is deployed.  The second expansion modifies existing rules so that airline personnel and flight crews are better able to make use of the FMLA’s protections. 

 Free Human Resource Forms - ( I9, W4, Osha 300 300a 301, E-Verify Forms Free to download. We supply these free forms as part of our ongoing dedication to perform outstanding customer service to you and your company. Click Free Human Resource Forms (bottom of this page).



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