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2014 Pennsylvania State Labor Law Posters 

Pennsylvania Labor Law Postings are required by the US Department of  Labor and also by the State of Pennsylvania Government. Guarantee your business to be fully compliant for your mandatory labor law postings for 2014.

Free Pennsylvania Labor Law Notification Service: Once you have purchased an  Laminated or Non-Laminated poster set, your company will be entitled to this service at no cost. (Not Free Posters)

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       Labor Law Posters ( 2 Poster Set ) Size - 18 x 24 each poster

        2014 - Federal Labor Law Poster          2014   Pennsylvania Labor Law Posters    

Pennsylvania Employers  are required by the   ( US Department of Labor ) to display the required compliance posters. Federal employment laws rarely change - State employment laws change yearly for most States. Our Research Department assures complete compliance with monthly updates for each individual State.

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     Pennsylvania Labor Law Posters - 


  1. Pennsylvania Equal Pay Law

  2. Right to Know Law 

  3. Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Law

  4. Child Labor Law  - ( 2 / 2013 ) -  

  5. Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation - 5 / 2013 -

  6. Scheduled Hours of Work for Minors - Not included on poster.     

  7. Pennsylvania Workers Compensation 

  8. Employment Provisions

  9. Public Accommodation

  10. Fair Lending Practices - Only lenders and businesses where housing finances are transacted.

 11. Fair Housing Practices - Only for property owners of housing or real estate brokers..


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                         Suggested Compliance Posting Locations

 Time Clocks, Office, Break Room, Lunch Room, Meeting Room, Exit Doors.



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